Succulent Feedback

Open a gardening magazine or catalogue these days and invariably there will be a gorgeous photo spread on succulents.  Whether potted up in a minimalist design, or overflowing from a densely planted container, succulents are having their moment!

Their appeal is easy to appreciate – cunning shapes, interesting texture, muted to vibrant color, plus for those of us with thumbs not always so green, they are extremely low-maintenance.  Its no wonder they are the current darlings of the gardening world.

Keeping ECGC au courant, Programs Chair Karen Doggett led us in a hands-on work shop, where we created our own succulent-filled glass terrarium.  Check out Leslie’s post capturing images of the morning at Long Hill’s Farm House.  We were amazed at how many plants we could wedge into our small planter.  The rocks and tri-color reindeer moss add a textural and polished feel to the terrarium, which now sits center stage on my kitchen table.  My neighbor and floral guru Mary Huntoon, gave it high marks the other day when she popped by to say hello.  Kudos to Karen!


For those who have caught the bug, here’s a great article from on how to create a succulent wreath.  

One thought on “Succulent Feedback

  1. This was such a terrific workshop and my succulents are thriving! I have two buds that have flowered on one of the beautiful jade like plants. Kudos to Karen for creating such a great workshop for our members!

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